Smiling Bookcase

Smiling Bookcase

The Smiling bookcase is a unique and innovative piece of furniture, designed with a strong representative identity.

It is developed based on the concept of designing specifically for a single person household by using recycled materials.

People might feel lonely when they are at home alone.

Being surrounded by ”Smiling” furniture would promote an atmosphere of joy and would intensify people’s feelings of happiness.

What if someone smiling to you when you are lonely or bored?






The idea for my design was to make a bookcase with recycled scrap wood and to use colorful plastic resin instead of glue.

By making the furniture with brighter colours, the user’s mood could be elevated.

I feel the use of recycled materials in design is an area, which could be explored more effectively.

The original impression of the wood as a scrap material has been transformed.

When I finished bookcase to look pristine, it completely lost its charm and personality.

So I deliberately left the furniture looking unfinished to give the bookcase a ”shabby chic” effect.





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